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Ready to move up



It’s great to see us playing and putting ourselves in winning positions. Last weekend saw us play some excellent basketball and we split the results over the two games. It was extremely disappointing to not win both after being in a commanding position in the first game against Kyoto but the good thing is we now have some good situations to make us better. In the second game we executed very well in the last quarter but just missed some baskets that we would normally make. I was more concerned with our transition defence and the fact we didn’t have the correct focus in this area of the game. We gave up 19-points in transition and that is a big no no.

In fact, the week before against Nagoya who are a higher scoring team and rely on creating in transition and off penetration we did an outstanding job holding them to 66-points in both games. But against Kyoto we let ourselves down in this area and didn’t have the same focus. This was the main thing I was disappointed in. It’s something we pride ourselves on and we must eliminate this bad play from our game in the finish to the season.

I am also very excited about the direction that the Lakestars are headed in. With the recent appointment of Daisuke Nishimura as a director of the company shows we are serious in taking the next step forward. For me as the Head Coach this is such a positive step forward and makes me want to work harder to be successful on the court. When the club is making investments into its future you feel like you want to work on helping us reach our potential all that bit more. As a team it makes us feel supported and ready to move up in a positive manner.

This week we have Shibuya and they will provide us with a tough 2 games. They are desperate to win and keep their playoff hopes alive. But nobody should be more desperate than us at the moment as we continue to improve and make our claim to be a real threat in the Bleague. We must come out and set the standard on the defensive end early to create some transition baskets. If we do this then it gives us a great opportunity to play well.

We will be working hard this week to tidy up our offensive execution in the last quarter and make sure that we continue to learn how to close out games. Once we learn this then winning will become a more consistent outcome for us. Which let’s be honest is what we all want as fans, as players, as coaches and as a club.

Thanks again for your amazing support.

See you all at the game

With energy

SD – Head Coach Shiga Lakestars