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Because success is in sight



It’s getting to the business end of the season with only 16 games to go. The great thing about the BLeague is that teams have to play until the end as you do not want to finish in the bottom four and go into the relegation series. This means all teams have a lot to play for regardless of where they sit in the rankings.

For us right now we have an enormous amount to play for to get ourselves out of the bottom four. While our record is better than at the same time last year there have been significant improvements across the league and we have not always capitalised on our opportunities but I feel we are playing some very good basketball.

We have been working hard at training to learn how to play with a lead late in a game and to understand what to do when a team makes a run at you. The game of basketball is a game of runs with teams playing well for small periods in a game that can sometimes decide the outcome. For example, against Kawasaki last weekend we had a 2-point lead at half time and then they started the third quarter with a 12 to 0 run. All of a sudden, they had a 10-point lead. We were never able to recover from this. This all happened in the space of about 4 minutes. A team’s ability to be able to understand and deal with this situation is the difference between the top teams and the teams bear the bottom of the rankings. This is something we have to learn to deal with and when we do we will win a lot more games. We have been simulating this at training to help the team learn what we need to do and how to handle such a situation.


I love that we are heading to Hikone to play against Nishinomiya. I love when go to different towns to play a game. I have experienced this before in Australia when we would play some of home games in a different region to spread our fan base. I look forward to visiting Hikone and playing a good game for our fans on the East side of Lake Biwa.

One thing I have loved about coaching this group of young men is how they have tried to stick to the process, keep playing and improving. I really do believe that if we keep this attitude, in the end our fortunes will change and we will be rewarded with what we desire and that is more wins. When we are so close to getting it right it is important that we persevere because success is in sight.

Against Nishinomiya this weekend we have to build from our defence. When we play good disruptive defence it ignites our offence. This is something we did very well against Kyoto and we have to build on that. It is what we did in the first half against Kawasaki and we have to build on that. I know as a team we are starting to understand this and now we must become more consistent with it. It will be a good challenge to achieve this this weekend.

See you all at the game

With energy

SD – Head Coach Shiga Lakestars