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In the near future



We continue to work hard and fight to get back on the winning ledger. It has been a very tough month with us working well to put ourselves into a winning position but unfortunately, we have not been able to finish our good work.

It is important for us as a team to understand that we are inching closer to that elusive winner and I truly believe that once we get back on the winning track our confidence will rise, and we can then get on a winning streak as a team. We have to trust the process and believe that we are getting closer. Often people give up just as good things are about to happen. I know that this group of players deserves a change of fortune and we are working hard to achieve this goal. Now is not the time for us to lose faith but to embrace the wonderful challenge that we are presented with.


Speaking of challenges this week we play Osaka who have made some import changes and have been playing much better basketball of late. We have played them twice now and we have won 1 game each. It is important for us to take the level of play we have shown against the better placed teams (Tokyo, Okinawa and Chiba) and make sure that we stay at the high level we have been at in the last few weeks. If we can play with more consistency and discipline, then I know we can have success this weekend.

On a side note I must say I am really enjoying the crowds at the different venues around the BLeague. The level of support and noise is incredible. I also love that we have many of our own fans travel to away games to support us. I have never experienced so much support from home team fans. It is amazing to look into the crowd and see the Lakestars colours. I can’t thank all of our supporters enough for all that you do to help the team with your constant support. We will repay your faith in us in the near future.

Well time to get back to preparations for Osaka

See you all at the game

With energy

SD – Head Coach Shiga Lakestars