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Building the right culture


It’s been a tough couple of weeks on the road playing last year’s Champions Tochigi and Tokyo (who are in my opinion the early favorites for this year’s championship). I felt as a team we made very good adjustments in both series and put ourselves in a very good position to win games. While I know we didn’t win it is very pleasing that we can put ourselves in winning positions against two of the better teams in the competition.


Overall, we are playing very good basketball and we can only get better from here. I know we are accepting this challenge head on to improve especially our defence in the last quarter. We have been giving up far too many points and this taking away our opportunities to win. We are determined to fix this situation and I know we will.


This week Chiba are coming to town and they present a similar challenge to us like Tokyo. They have a very talented roster and go very deep into their bench. At this stage we are not sure if Togashi is playing but Chiba have played very well without him winning the All-Japan Cup. If he does play it will present a good challenge for our guards to defend him and his speed will test our transition defence.



Building the right culture is a tough thing to do but we are working hard to get this. It starts with each individual taking responsibility for their performance and building from there. We are slowly learning to do this, and I know we can start to get some wins on the board in the coming weeks. It starts with hard work at training and going from there. That’s an area we are working at being better at. This commitment will see our fortunes change.


I hope you all are enjoying the new year and it has started as a prosperous one for you.



See you all at the game


With energy

SD – Head Coach Shiga Lakestars