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Hard Work


Coach Blog November 15

It is so good to see the players coming through this season. We have always wanted our local players to have more of an impact and this season we are seeing the fruits of the hard work they have put in. Each game we see a different player step forward and make a major contribution to the team. We have been fortunate that this has resulted in wins for the team. We are now 7 and 1 in our last 8 games.



The more the local players contribute then the harder we are to guard as a team. It also creates more opportunities for other players as all players must be respected on the court. The players work extremely hard during the week and it is good to see the confidence starting to come through and the players being rewarded for this hard work.




While we have had some great results of late the hard work is still to be done by the team. I am still not happy with where our offence is and we have to learn to take better care of the basketball. We are not averaging anywhere near the points total I would like and we are working hard at training to rectify this situation. As a team, we are growing in confidence on the offensive and as we learn to understand our offensive systems more we will start to score a lot more points.



On the defensive end, we have seen some very good improvements this season and we will continue to grow as a team. We take great pride in our defence and as we learn that offence is generated through your defence we will start to see a more free flowing game. This will only add to the excitement of our style.




On a side note I am really loving living in Shiga and by the lake. It is just so beautiful and I love nothing more than sitting by the lake in the mornings near our practice facility collecting my thoughts as I enjoy a morning coffee. It is so peaceful and gives me the chance to collect my thoughts and prepare for the day ahead. Basketball has taken me all over the world and Shiga is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. 


See you all at the game


With energy

SD – Head Coach Shiga Lakestars