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Coaches Blog – September 16, 2018

The preseason is well and truly here. We have played five games in the past 8 days. Coupled with a more than usual high intensity training it has been a big ask of the players. In fact, three games in three days in the Early cup is extremely tough on all involved. But it has been a good test for us given that we will experience similar schedules during the regular season.

We purposely planned to make it hard for the players so that we could simulate what will happen during the regular season, so we could learn from the experience and ready ourselves both physically and mentally.


This type of schedule is very gruelling on the body but also just as hard on the mental side as well. Especially when we played all of the games on the road, so you are dealing with travel and sleeping in a different bed than normal. Your daily routine is different and we have to learn how we best manage all of these things so as to make sure the players can perform to their potential every night.


The preseason so far has been a terrific learning experience for us all and I feel we have been better in each game and learned some invaluable lessons along the way. The players are doing a fantastic job pushing themselves and giving their best efforts every time, we step on the floor whether it be training or a game. As a coach I cannot ask for more. It is now my job to teach and help the players learn to deal with all that is put in front of them. I am really enjoying this as the players want nothing more than to learn and keep improving


Having played five games so far, I am looking forward to getting a good week of practice in so we can put into practice the lessons we have learned from these five games. I am really looking forward to playing SanEn in Moriyama on Monday September 24 in front of our home fans. It will be another great test for us and to see how much we have improved. The season is getting closer and we need to keep the improvements going so that we can be playing well when we open the season at home against Niigata.


Our high-performance program is really improving also with Catapult coming on board to help us be able to monitor players heart rates during practice and games. This is a great piece of software that will help us keep an eye on fatigue levels and workloads during the season. This is important for us so we can do the best to not only keep the players healthy but to also make sure they are always able to perform. It is an incredible thing we have that will not only benefit the players but also the club in what is going to be a very difficult season with so many games with very little rest between games.


In conclusion I am very pleased with our team and the way things are shaping up for the season ahead. It’s going to be a fun season. See you in Moriyama
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