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Coaches Blog –断固たる決意  December 25, 2018



We all ride the emotional highs and lows of a sporting contest. I love the passion of our fans and how much energy they bring to every game. Standing on the sidelines I feel their pain when things don’t go well and I feel their joy when we win. 

The players ride this same emotional rollercoaster and it is a challenge for them to try and keep their emotions even. If you get too high when things are going well then you have a big fall if they start to go wrong. Similarly if you get too low when you are going through tough times then it becomes quite a battle to fight your way back to become a consistently winning team.



We are going through a rough patch at the moment and it is important for us all not to get too down but become a determined team to right our wrongs and get a few wins on the board. We have been in many of the games all year but just need to be more disciplined at certain times during the course of the games to make sure we start to achieve our goals and the wins start to become more regular.

As I say to the team one error does not win or lose you the game but it can change the momentum of a game. So, it is important that when we do make an error that we really come together as a group and be determined as a team to make up for this error and turn the negative into a positive. 



I want the players to have full confidence in themselves to play to their strengths and to make sure that they always feel comfortable doing what they do well. I like to encourage the players to play like they train. Our trainings have been very good and I really do believe that if the we as a team bring that confidence into the games then we can perform at a higher level. We just have to believe in ourselves.

On a final note I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This is a time in Australia where we celebrate with our families for the year we have had and prepare for the coming of the New Year. So I hope all of our fans enjoy this time and I look forward to improving our performances in the coming year.

See you at the home game

With energy