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Coaches Blog – October 12, 2018

This season presents many challenges for us as a club. After the first round of the regular season you look around the BLeague and see the many changes teams have made to improve themselves. The other big change to the league this season is the import rule. With clubs now able to play two imports at all times on the court during a game this has made a significant difference. After the first weekend a high number of imports are now playing in excess of 30 minutes a game. With the number of games still 60 but the league being played in a shorter time frame this could have a big impact as the season goes on. Fatigue is going to be a big part of all players seasons.


This means that there will be games that as a coach we are going to have to consider the health of our players and not put them at a high risk of injury. How you recover and how hard you train now become very important factors in your planning. We spend a large amount of time talking about this in our planning of our schedule to make sure we do all that is possible to reduce fatigue and the risk of injury. I can see some injuries having a major impact on some clubs this year given the tough playing schedule and the increase in playing time for imports.

After our first weekend against Niigata I am very pleased with our start. We showed the potential on the defensive end that we can develop into a very good team. It is now important for us to show more urgency on defence and become far more consistent so that we can compete with any team on any night. As a player you can have a bad night on offence and miss some shots but we have to become a team that can hang its hat on defence. Playing consistently at the defensive end is what allows you the ability to compete against anybody regardless of how you are playing on offence. Last Sunday we gave our first real look at what we have the potential to do on the defensive end. Niigata are traditionally a high scoring team so it was very pleasing from a coaching point of view to see our defence do such a great job. Especially given our offence dried up when they went to a zone defence. A number of big defensive plays late in the game saw us go on to win the game. While we should have won in a more comfortable manner it was great to see the team knuckle down and get the stops when we needed them most.


I am sitting in a hotel room while I write this blog preparing for two games against Kawasaki. If we ever needed our defence to step up it will be in these two games. Kawasaki have really improved their team this season and are certainly one of the early favourites to win the Championship this season. They showed last weekend even without Fazekas they were able to win two games at Chiba which is a very difficult task. I am looking forward to the challenge to test our defence against a very paced offence and a very well coached team.

Our next home game is against Osaka and we have to do a better job this season of protecting our home court. To become a playoff team, we must have a very good home record. At the last home game the fans were amazing and your support certainly helps lift us every time.

See you at the next home game

With energy