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Play a more physical style




Was so good to get back on the winners list against Osaka. We continue to work hard and fight to be more consistent in our play. The reward especially for the defensive efforts in the second game against Osaka was very pleasing.

It was interesting to sit back over the last week and watch the international play during the World Cup Asian qualifiers over the last week. I really enjoy watching the different styles from around the world. It’s very interesting watching the contrasting styles between the Australians and New Zealand teams compared to the Asian countries. It has been a lot of fun watching this now that Asia and Oceania have become one area and we play each other to qualify for the World Cup.

Both Australia and New Zealand use a physical defence as the backbone of their play to create advantages and this was very evident in the games they were involved in over the weekend. The teams believe they can break you down with a physical pressure that is quite disruptive. New Zealand in particular did an outstanding job against South Korea and China.

With these regular games I can see the Asian countries starting to adapt to this and they will start to evolve into teams that will be able to absorb this pressure and this style will not be as effective. Watching Japan play you can see the potential is there but they just need to learn to be able to play against teams that try to intimidate them both physically and mentally. This was very evident in their game against the Philippines. Japan jumped out to a great start and then the Philippines applied great mental and physical pressure. Once Japan learns to absorb this they will win these games.

This has to start in our BLeague games. We need to allow the players to play a more physical style and encourage the local players to play a bigger role. I feel there is far too much reliance on the import players and this stymie’s the growth of the local players. The local players must start to take on more responsibility if we are to start to have better results at the international level.

This week we play Mikawa in what will be a fabulous test for us. I am looking forward to the challenges.

See you all at the game

With energy

SD – Head Coach Shiga Lakestars